Mark Pearson

Born in London, England, Mark Pearson has had a long career in Transport and Logistics. Qualified as a transport manager for both freight and passenger services both nationally and internationally, he started driver training for the Basingstoke & District Group of Advanced Motorists 25 years ago. The group is affiliated with the Institute of Advanced Motorists, the largest organization in the UK, which promotes road safety and advanced driving and riding. Mark was one of the few people globally to pass the advanced driving tests on cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and motor tricycles all within 7 months.

At the age of 26, Mark joined VOSA (The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) as an enforcement officer. VOSA is an executive agency of the Department of Transport which provides a range of licensing, testing and enforcement services with the aim of improving the roadworthiness standards of vehicles; ensuring the compliance of operators and drivers with road traffic legislation whether domestic or international; and supporting the independent Traffic Commissioners.

Later recruited to join a leading international passenger transport operation, he set up and led the training department, getting many of the drivers through their basic and advanced driving tests. At the same time, he ran his own successful driver training company which was one of the few driver training companies to achieve the coveted ISO 9002.

Mark then moved to the DSA (Driving Standards Agency), an executive agency of the Department of Transport. While there, he was trained as a driving examiner, starting with cars, and finishing at London's largest commercial test center, carrying out tests for cars with trailers, tractor trailers, mini-buses with trailers, and full-size motor coaches with trailers.

He finally moved to a large international company as the South East Regional Transport Manager, covering Central London and the South of England.

In 2007, Mark emigrated to Nova Scotia, Canada, where his skills were recognized by the Province of Nova Scotia under the community identified scheme. Since electing to immigrate to Nova Scotia he has: